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Subject: Use Case Issue Group 3 Disposition of Votes (DOV)

The following is my proposed text for the results of the Issue group 3.
Please send changes/updates/positive re-inforcement....

At this time, the Use-case team wishes to express that it's will is clearly
for session management to be in scope, that there is still work to be done
to clarify details of the extent of session management, and that the team
intends to continue the work in the near future, pending other higher
prioritized work.

The Use Case SubTeam voted on 8 issues relating to session management and
details thereof.  The results are both clear and unclear.  It is clear that
the use case team favors session management, which comprises some TBD
components of logout/timeout/timein.  The vote for session management was
80% in favor.  The WG also clearly indicates that should logout be
considered in scope, any logout at a destination web site is local to that
web site and not global.  The rest of the issues around logout, timeout and
locality of timeout are unclear.  The results are roughly 50% for and 50%
against these concepts.  

There were a large number of comments submitted with the votes.  Some of
these indicate confusion over the wording, others indicate distinctions that
were not made clear in the original issue.  For example, 1 person voted for
session management, against every option, and indicated that the options
were covered under session management.  In another case, 1 person voted
against session management and all options therein excepting the timeout
scenario.  Hence there is work to be done to achieve consensus within the
group but we choose to defer tat work at this time, in favor of a
breadth-first approach to use cases and requirements.

Dave Orchard
XML Architect
Jamcracker Inc.,    19000 Homestead Dr., Cupertino, CA 95014
p: 408.864.5118     m: 604.908.8425    f: 408.725.4310

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