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Subject: Next round of ballots

Evan and I are working on the ballots for issue groups 6, 7, and 8, got
ambitious and are attempting to do group 9 as well.  We are not sure how to
handle issue 9-02, though, and would appreciate some input here.  There have
been a couple of proposals for the wording of a requirement related to
disclosure of authorization attributes - it would be great if we could work
out a final proposal for the ballot.  Otherwise we'll vote on the two.  They
don't seem to be that different though.  Here's the issue...

ISSUE:[UC-9-02:PrivacyStatement] Important private data of end users should
be shared as needed between peers in an SAML conversation and protected
entirely from hostile 3rd parties. In addition, the user should have control
over what data is exchanged. How should the requirement be expressed in the
use case and requirements document? Should a use case scenario illustrating
privacy protection be provided?

Here are the proposed resolutions:

[CR-9-02-3-DisclosureMorgan] SAML should support policy-based disclosure of
subject security attributes, based on the identities of parties involved in
an authentication or authorization exchange.
[CR-9-02-2-DisclosureBlakley] SAM should support *restriction of* disclosure
of subject security attributes, *based on a policy stated by the subject*.
*This policy might be* based on the identities of parties involved in an
authentication or authorization exchange.

I see two times a user may be asked to decide whether it's okay to share
thier info - provisioning and runtime.  The runtime-related requirement is
covered by ISSUE:[UC-9-01:RuntimePrivacy].  The other is being discussed
here, I believe, where a user establishes the policy for sharing thier info
at the time that they create their account.

Personally, I feel that if we specify that a subject define a policy for
sharing his information at provisioning time then it will need to be a
requirement that is specified as 'optionally implemented', because there
will be many cases where this is not required behavior.  In other words, we
could specify the format of these policies and how to apply them, but
implementations would not have to support it to be compliant with SAML.  In
addition, I feel that this is the type of thing that could be handled
outside the scope of SAML, much like XACML.



Darren Platt
Principal Technical Evangelist
Securant Technologies
345 California St., 23rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94104
tel - (415) 263-4976
fax - (415) 764-4949

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