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Subject: O-S-D Published: draft-sstc-use-domain-02

[apologies for not publishing this doc sooner -- I/we didn't notice it buried
in Dave's msg to security-services list, and security-editors wasn't copied ;-)

A New Oasis-SSTC-Draft is available from the on-line SSTC document repository.
This draft is a work item of the Use Cases and Requirements subcommittee.

	Title    : Domain Model
	Author(s): Dave Orchard, Hal Lockhart
	Filenames: draft-sstc-use-domain-02.doc
	Date     : 14 Mar 2001


This domain model provides a description and categorization of the domain that
SAML solves problems in.  People, software, data, interactions, and behavior
are described in the abstract, without binding the specification to a
particular implementation.  It provides a standardized or normalized
description of concepts for the purposes of further discussion in requirements,
use-cases, etc.  It covers material out-of-scope for the specification in order
to show the context that the specification solves problems in.  It does not
describe implementation information such as API details, Schema definitions and
data representations.

A typical use-case for this document is: "We all agree what we mean by term x
and how entity y creates it and entity z consumes it.  Is x in scope or out of
scope for SAML?".  Another use case "We have created an OASIS TC committee on
functionality A.  A is the standardization of term x that is out of scope for

URLs for this Oasis-SSTC-Draft are:



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Oasis SSTC Editors

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