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Subject: Re: Yet Another Domain Model Diagram

I agree with all of these.  Might "Inputs and Outputs" be a good name?

Continuing to publish it separately will, I think, allow the freedom of 
development that's proving so fruitful at this point.  See the following if 
you need a reminder about publication instructions:



At 12:51 PM 3/20/01 -0800, Jeff Hodges wrote:
>Some suggestions on this useful diagram..
>* we entitle it (in the diagram itself) something like "producer-consumer" or
>something similarly descriptive.
>* we incorporate it directly into  draft-sstc-use-domain-02 asap (and 
>publish a
>-03) OR publish it separately (with an appropriate
>draft-sstc-use-<something>-00 name).
>* we entitle the diagram that's presently in draft-sstc-use-domain-02 "static
>relationships" or "classes" or something similarly appropriate.
>* we normalize the terminology between the "producer-consumer" and the
>"classes" illustrations.
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