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Subject: Use Case Group Schedule 'till F2F2

Here's the schedule that we came up with on today's concall for bringing in
straw man 4 for the next face to face meeting of the TC.  One note: we will
be voting on group 12 again - so you will need to vote again for that group
with our next round of ballots.

3/28 (Wed) - All votes in by end of day for issue groups 6-9, 11.

3/28-3/30 - Working group members send Darren (and the use case list) drafts
for the ballots to be included in the final round of voting.  This includes
Irving (group 12) and Prateek (group 4) and Zahid (group 2).  Irving,
Prateek, and Zahid should send whatever they have - incomplete is okay -
Darren will own it going forward (resolving issues/comments, revising

3/30 (Fri) - Draft ballots sent out to working group by Darren for remaining

3/30-4/3 - Working group reviews draft ballots and sends in comments - 4/3
(Tue) deadline for comments.

4/2 (Mon) - Deadline for Hal, Gil, and Darren to submit summaries of the
issues AuthN passthru, Sessions, and AuthZ decisions respectively to the TC
for discussion on Tuesday 4/3's concall.  Lets try to get these out early on
Monday so people have time to read them before the TC.

4/4 (Wed) - Working group concall 9AM PST - final ballot discussion.

4/4 - Darren distributes final ballot, including ballots written by Irving,
Prateek, and Zahid, incorporating comments from list.

4/4-4/6 - The working group votes on the one true ballot.  Deadline for
voting end of day 4/6 (Fri).

4/6-4/10 - Darren and Evan incorporate changes into straw man 3 to create
straw man 4.

4/11 (Wed) - Straw man 4 is distributed to the TC.

4/11 - Working group Concall.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if I missed anything.



Darren Platt
Principal Technical Evangelist
Securant Technologies
345 California St., 23rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94104
tel - (415) 263-4976
fax - (415) 764-4949

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