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Subject: Acknowledgments for SSOA-RO Document

To all members of the Semantic-ex Technical Committee,

I am currently compiling the acknowledgement section for the nearly 
completed "Reference Ontology for Semantic Service Oriented 
Architectures" document. We made a decision during one of the previous 
phoen conference to directly ask the members of the TC if they wished 
their name to be included within the acknowledgement section. Here is an 
initial acknowledgment list made up of active contributors in the last 3 
years to save time, if your name does not appear within the list below 
then please send me an email and I can add it.

Alessio Carenini
Dario Cerizza
Emilia Cimpian
Emanuele Della Valle
John Domingue
Federico Facca
Dieter Fensel
Marc Haines
Thomas Haselwanter
Graham Hench
Mick Kerrigan
Srdjan Komazec
Peter Matthews
Adrian Mocan
Matthew Moran
Barry Norton
Carlos Pedrinaci
James Scicluna
Omair Shafiq
Zhixian Yan
Maciej Zaremba
Michal Zaremba

If your name is already included within the list you need to do nothing 
(unless you want it to be removed).



Mick Kerrigan
Researcher (SEE Cluster)
Semantic Technology Institute (STI)
Universitšt Innsbruck, Austria
T +43 (0) 512 507 6463
F +43 (0) 512 507 9872
E mick.kerrigan@sti2.at
W http://see.sti2.at/mick/

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