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Subject: Using UCM work in SET...

Dear SET Members,

First I would like to thank Scott for his excellent presentation yesterday.

As you know we intend to use UCM work for context in SET TC and SET is based on OWL
ontology definitions and hence we need to find ways to convert UCM DAG representation of context specification into our ontology representation. 

During yesterday's presentation Johann mentioned tools to do this. 

Indeed the ontology language RDF already has RDF graph representation (http://www.w3.org/TR/rdf-mt/). 

Also quoting from the following paper:

Detecting Changes in Ontologies via DAG Comparison
by Johann Eder and Karl Wiggisser

"Generally speaking, ontologies can be represented by arbitrary graphs. The nodes
of the graph represent the concepts and the edges represent the relations between
the concepts. When looking more closely on such graphs, we can see that many
ontologies comprise a generalization hierarchy, which typically builds a directed
acyclic graph (DAG). Now comparing two DAG is much easier than comparing
two arbitrary graphs."

So I think what we need in our group is a presentation on comparing DAGs and Ontologies and possible public domain tools to convert them one into another. 

Since Johann is familiar with this subject, I wonder if he can give us a presentation during our next telco in a month's time.

Many thanks and best regards,


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