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Subject: Patrick Gallagher (NIST) on "smart grid" technology specs "by summer"

I thought I might cite this in (Cover Pages) Daily News.  Does
anyone have a link to the draft report?


New Electrical Power Standards Due by Summer
Staff, eWEEK and Reuters

Initial draft guidelines for the development of "smart grid" technology
to modernize electricity transmission across the nation may be available
by summer, a government official said on Tuesday.

"What's desperately needed is an overall road map," said Patrick
Gallagher, deputy director of the National Institute of Standards
and Technology, in testimony at a hearing before the Senate Energy
and Natural Resources Committee.

Gallagher's agency has the primary task of coordinating the adoption
of a framework for smart grid devices and systems. Many of the
standards will be set by the private sector, but Gallagher said his
agency would help coordinate that process.

He said he hopes his agency will be able to provide some draft standards
for smart grid development this summer.

Smart grids utilize computers and sensors at power plants to create
more efficient and less costly methods of moving electricity.

The economic stimulus package passed by Congress last month provided
the Energy Department with $4.5 billion for electricity delivery and
energy reliability, but Gallagher and other federal regulators at the
hearing said standards should be developed to help guide these investments.


[Suedeen] Kelly, a commissioner with the Federal Energy Regulatory
Commission said guidelines must be created to address cyber security
issues associated with smart grids and possibly to promote uniform
software communication throughout the industry.

Also, she said the framework should allow system operators to offset
inconsistent power generation from sources such as wind energy and
to support the use of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

Copyright (c) Reuters



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