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Subject: RE: [smartgrid-interest] Report coming out of Smart Grid SDOConference

While talking distributed control….




*CINCINNATI -- About 18,000 Duke Energy customers participating in an energy-saving program saved more energy than expected on Monday evening.

The customers are part of the Power Manager program that installs a box on air conditioning units that cycles the cooling system off for a few minutes during peak usage times.  But Monday night, an incorrect signal was sent to the boxes, a Duke Energy spokeswoman said. Instead of cycling, the boxes shut down the units for three hours.  The utility said it had never had a problem like it before and said human error was to blame. All units were back in operation by 8:30 p.m.*


This type of incident can easily be repeated as more and more utilities attempt to remotely control their customers’ air conditioning.  The purpose is to reduce load demand during peak usage periods by raising the air conditioners setpoints to prevent rolling brownouts. The concern is if, by either intentional or unintentional reasons, the setpoints are lowered rather than raised. In that case, instead of preventing rolling brownouts, you can cause blackouts.





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From: Benjamin A. Rolfe [mailto:ben@blindcreek.com]
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Subject: Re: [smartgrid-interest] Report coming out of Smart Grid SDO Conference


It is good that the 'blurring between DR and DER is being recognized...my goal is to 'blur' not just in the middle but the rest too. The key word in DER is "Distributed", and ultimately I see distributed control as the key feature. The 'response' to 'demand' MUST be a lot more options than just turning things off: Ultimately I think in terms of distributed energy management, where the local energy management entity responds to the signals depending on the resources it has available. But that's just me (a distributed kind of guy :-).




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Sent: Tuesday, August 11, 2009 7:23 AM

Subject: [smartgrid-interest] Report coming out of Smart Grid SDO Conference


I prepared the attached schedule as a summary of issues most relevant to the Energy Interoperability TC coming out of the Smart Grid SDO Conference on August 3-4. I am sharing it with these lists, with the note that while it is OASIS-centric, it does clarify the path to information exchanges necessary to get the smart load the smart grid needs.


(translation note: EMIX = Energy Market Information Exchange TC, now in formation)


High Level overview:


WS-Calendar will be done by year end, to be used as a component in Price and in Energy Interoperability. We can use place-holders until then.


EMIX, now in formation, is due out for review in April 2010. EMIX will itself consume WS-Calendar. EMIX (Price/Product) is critical to almost every Energy Interoperation – we will have to use placeholders until then.


NIST will unveil the Smart Grid Roadmap, based upon the EPRI work, at GridWeek in September.


Numerous groups are working on the common semantics, use cases for Price, Product, DR, and DER. These groups are due to complete their work in October, for report-out at GridInterop in November. These reports will be donated to Energy Interoperation and to EMIX.


Issues from the Workshop


Prices and Pricing. These words created a lot of  discord. Dynamic pricing is an appropriate goal for Energy Interoperation. Pricing is not. Pricing, to many, refers to algorithms as to how a price is computed. This conflict of terms caused much dissension, discussion until we recognized the issue. EMIX communicates Prices, not Pricing.


Product Attributes. Mike Oldak brought one half of the room around when he declared that Product Attributes are better referred to as Terms and Conditions. This is probably a good lens to look at this issue with


Also from Mike Oldak


There are three kinds of DR:

-          Pure prices, and you can do what you want

-          Contracted Response, in which the end node responds as per contract when signaled

-          Emergency Curtailment


Committee notes and Directions


Energy Interoperation includes DR and DER. DR and DER blur in the middle: turning something off or running on stored energy have the same effect on the grid load. The Committee Draft 1 for Energy Interoperation would benefit from the clarity of this summary.


In terms of grid interactions with the end nodes, there is another fast track initiative on sharing customer energy usage with the end node and delegable to third parties. This standard, current with the overly general name ADE (Automated Data Exchange) can present one of the longest requested sources of information to the building and home automation market.


The Energy Interoperation Committee may want to create a subcommittee to prepare white papers on Energy Interoperation and the many standards. Such a white paper could revise and extend the narrative portions of the CEC OpenADR specification, and create models defining communications between end nodes and the grid. EMIX to understand what’s on the market, Energy Interoperability to negotiate price and response with the grid, and [son of ADE] to act as the feedback/regulator.



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