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Subject: Price Attributes and Discovery URIs

(retitled to follow conversation fork)


Extensible discoverable product attributes. Michael Oldak calls them Terms and Conditions. Today they are references to named tariffed products


(We warrant that it will be at least 40% green over the course of a month)

(You have a class C DR load shedding contract in place)


With future dynamic pricing, it may be an agreement to buy from the local mill stream, or to buy from the cheapest power available. You may opt for a hybrid product, in which carbon credits are sold along with watts, just as one can buy green offsets with an airline ticket today.


Michael argues that the choice of tariffed product may be made once and left in place for years.  If so, it would be a waste to transmit all that descriptive overhead every time.


Does this mean a registry in the sky? With URIs in the product to reference?


Dynamic transactive markets may let you pick / filter offers on the fly. This might argue for carrying a larger portion of the key attributes with the message.


EMIX plans to start with models from NAESB at el.

We will require compatibility with FIX protocol going forward (I assume).

The ESI (Energy Services Interface) will consume stuff and talk to BAS systems below. Whether the ESI and the BAS are collocated is an engineering decision. Whether the Enterprise is in a shim in-between is a business decision.


Well, so I shoot from the hip.  The committee will decide.



"If something is not worth doing, it`s not worth doing well" - Peter Drucker

Toby Considine
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From: Considine, Toby (Campus Services IT) [mailto:Toby.Considine@unc.edu]
Sent: Wednesday, August 12, 2009 8:59 AM
To: 'Brian Frank'; 'William Cox'
Cc: 'smartgrid-interest@lists.oasis-open.org'; 'Toby Considine'
Subject: RE: [smartgrid-interest] Energy Market Information Exchange Charter - supporters wanted; ready for submission to create Technical Committee


Restful interactions have their place. As APIs at a distance, they are clean and predictable. As part of transactional systems and open bidding markets, one needs the rest of the WS Transaction infrastructure. As part of a massively distributed delayed environment that may involve long running workflows, one may need a multi-document messaging based format.


Zooming in on REST is a little like zooming in on UDP, only a couple layers up. There are times when RESTful connections are exactly what one needs. There are times when they are not.



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From: Brian Frank [mailto:brian@skyfoundry.com]
Sent: Wednesday, August 12, 2009 8:42 AM
To: William Cox
Cc: smartgrid-interest@lists.oasis-open.org; Toby Considine
Subject: Re: [smartgrid-interest] Energy Market Information Exchange Charter - supporters wanted; ready for submission to create Technical Committee


Energy Market Information Exchange is an XML vocabulary to express price and characteristics, so the means of communicating is not part of the charter.


I can see how that is nice in theory, but I don't understand how that works in practice.  At the very least any sophisticated modeling requires naming things.  And naming things typically implies a way to reference those named things.


So I guess my question is - will the model be RESTful in that "things" are named and referenced with URIs?  


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