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Subject: Re: [smartgrid-interest] PAP 03, 04, 09 and how to get to all that OASIS stuff

Hi Toby,

  Actually, the email generated by Kavi and sent to the TC when you upload documents automatically makes this change (see http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/emix/201005/msg00044.html ). TC members should be careful to include the public URI whenever possible.



Mary P McRae
Director, Standards Development
Technical Committee Administrator
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Standards are like parachutes: they work best when they're open.

On May 24, 2010, at 11:56 AM, Toby Considine wrote:

Several folks have commented on requests to log in before getting to public documents at OASIS. As the problem is likely to recur, let me offer an explanation and a work-around.
When a document is posted with an OASIS TC, the software system automatically sends out links to the private Technical Committee (TC) space. This requires a log-in. What can I say but software works in mysterious ways….
The OASIS process simultaneously exposes all documents to the public with no login required. A similar process immediately exposes all documents to the public, without restriction. Unfortunately, committee members, including me have forwarded on the initial announcements, causing with the link to the private space.
Fortunately, one can map between these URLs. For example, last night, I posted an updated draft  to EMIX, in partial answer to PAP03. This draft addressed some issues of better alignment with WS-Calendar, as well as with the TEMIX white paper being developed as a high level conceptual framework for the use of EMIX in EnergyInterop.
The new draft also creates a stronger demarq between the intrinsic characteristics of electricity, on what we are calling the “outside of the message envelope”, and the extrinsic properties, including environmental characteristics, on the inside of the envelope.
These “private” links can be turned into the public links that look as follows:
A similar transformation can be done on all OASIS documents, if you receive a forwarded internal link again.
Of course, you can always find the documents and correspondence by going to the public home page of each TC. The public face of each OASIS TC can be gotten to directly entering an URL similar to
Note the Committee Name in the link. The OASIS TC Smart Grid Committee Names are ws-calendar (04), emix (03), and EnergyInterop (09).  
This public home page includes links to sign up for public comments on the TC, to review correspondence, and direct access to the document library.
One other general comment for those not used to the OASIS process. OASIS standards typically consist of a document that describes, explains and illustrates the use of the standard, and delineates conformance requirements. There is also a set of one or more attachments of technical artifacts, i.e., WSDL, XML, RDF, etc. In all cases, if there is a conflict, the artifacts are the normative material.
Each of these committees has decided to develop the Document first, focusing on the business interactions before the message elements. As we move to the artifacts, critical issues such as Power and Load Management CIM compliance will come to the fore.
Hope this helps, and prevents future confusion.
And read the documents and send us some comments. And remember, those comments are all public as well, and OASIS procedures demand that we answer every one of them.
As always, I am just a guy talking about process, and the OASIS procedures actually control how things work. If you want to refer to them, you can read them at:

"Energy and persistence conquer all things." -- Benjamin Franklin

Toby Considine
TC9, Inc
OASIS Technical Advisory Board
TC Chair: oBIX & WS-Calendar
TC Editor: EMIX, EnergyInterop
U.S. National Inst. of Standards and Tech. Smart Grid Architecture Committee
Phone: (919)619-2104

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