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smartgrid-interest message

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Subject: Group Dynamics in substation Publisher/Subscriber groups

Respected sir,

I want to discuss a research proposal.I have searched a lot on the web and tried a lot to get some feedback on my proposal related to smart grids but very few people have worked in related domain highlighted in my proposal and I have not been able to get significant comments on the same.Sir,I understand that I am asking for your precious time but if you could please kindly just have a look at the proposal and let me know whether I am in a right direction,I will be really thankful and obliged.
One key question I am not being able to figure out is that according to Jianqing Zhang's Thesis at UIUC ,publisher subscriber groups
in a substation are stable -
but I am thinking that is their a possibility of group dynamics behaviour to be present that is - groups coalesce ,split ,subgroup being generated ?If yes,this can have significant impact on group rekeying operation.Can we use key graphs in addition in substation groups?

My proposal is available at -

Also,sir is their a possibility of doing a internship in this area?

Thanking you,
Suhas Aggarwal

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