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smartgrid-interest message

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Subject: July 15th (firm!): EMERGING 2011 || November 20-25, 2011 - Lisbon, Portugal

Submission deadline: July 15th, 2011.
Please consider to contribute to and/or forward to the appropriate
groups the following opportunity to submit and publish original
scientific results.
In addition, authors of selected papers will be invited to submit
extended article versions to one of the IARIA Journals:

============== EMERGING 2011 | Call for Papers ===============


EMERGING 2011: The Third International Conference on Emerging Network
November 20-25, 2011 - Lisbon, Portugal

General page: http://www.iaria.org/conferences2011/EMERGING11.html
Call for Papers: http://www.iaria.org/conferences2011/CfPEMERGING11.html

- regular papers
- short papers (work in progress)
- industrial presentations
- posters
- ideas

Submission page: http://www.iaria.org/conferences2011/SubmitEMERGING11.html

Submission deadline: July 15th, 2011

Sponsored by IARIA, www.iaria.org

Extended versions of selected papers will be published in IARIA
Journals: http://www.iariajournals.org

Please note the Poster Forum and Work in Progress options.

The topics suggested by the conference can be discussed in term of
concepts, state of the art, research, standards, implementations,
running experiments, applications, and industrial case studies. Authors
are invited to submit complete unpublished papers, which are not under
review in any other conference or journal in the following, but not
limited to, topic areas.

All tracks are open to both research and industry contributions, in
terms of Regular papers, Posters, Work in progress,
Technical/marketing/business presentations, Demos, Tutorials, and Panels.

Before submission, please check and comply with the Editorial rules:

EMERGING 2011 Topics (topics and submission details: see CfP on the site)

Evolution of telecommunications network architectures
Advanced communications systems; New configurable protocols stacks and
real-time mechanisms; Applications and services for next-generation
architectures; Scalability and manageability of network architectures;
Opportunistic and cooperative communications; Next generation networks
(NGN); Optical networks; Wireless networks, Mobile networks; Ad-Hoc,
Sensor, Vehicle networks; Access, Residential, Last mile networks; Home,
Body and Personal area Networks; Active networks; Self Organizing
networks; Storage area networks; Peer-to-Peer and overlay networks;
Network measurements and testbeds; Transmission technologies (e.g.,
Ultra Wideband)

Applications and services
Peer-to-Peer applications and services; Web services; Mobile
applications; Entertainment and games; Home automation; Surveillance,
Home monitoring; Medical and health applications; e-commerce,
m-commerce; Location-based services; Real-time and multimedia
applications; Real-time services over IP

Networking and service differentiation
Network design and planning; Network management and control; Traffic
engineering; Traffic control, Flow control; Congestion and admission
control; QoS support and Performance; Routing, Switching, QoS routing;
Mobility management; Multicast; Service reliability, availability

Emerging networking
Network coding; Visualization of network behavior; Semantic routing;
Network flow processing; Cross-layer design and optimization; High-speed
networking; Context-aware mobile networking

Advanced network elements
Network processors; Content addressable memories; Multi-core processors;
Context-aware reconfigurable devices; Portable and wearable devices;
Mobile multimedia devices

Power optimization in data centers; Delay and fault tolerant networks;
Video conferencing and telepresence systems; Resource optimization;
Context-aware optimization

Quality of service; Quality of performance; Quality of experience;
Quality of data; Quality of modeling; Quality-oriented routing; Quality
of context /degradation, trust, uncertainty, consistency/

Cognitive radio; Autonomic and dependable communications; Ambient
systems; Identity and location in mobile environments; Smart homes;
Brain-like networking and computing

Resource discovery; Service discovery; Content discovery; Flaws/anomaly

Anticipative control and management; Data protection strategies;
Collaborative Internet attack containment; Micro-kernels and robustness

Trust and credential negotiations; Privacy; Intrusion prevention and
containment; Security in virtualization approach; Architectural support
for security; Security, privacy, and dependability; Security in
cooperative networks

Programmable and real-time network traffic measurements; Adaptive
scheduling; Network and application load balancing; High-performance
capabilities-based networks; Software techniques to improve virtualized
I/O performance

Frequently changing user profile; User mobility and ubiquity; Scalable
and resource intensive multi-user distributed applications; User
identity and multi-service access technologies; End-user perception;
End-user based networking and service orchestration; End-user activity
recognition with multiple goals

Mobile Internet services; Mobility-oriented protocols /Mobile IP, etc./;
Wearable and/or mobile technologies; Self-discovery and localizing
entities; Seamless handover

Ubiquitous computing; Pervasive and embedded systems; Ubiquitous
sustainability; Sensing location; Activity patterns; Smart environments
in the workplaces; Ubiquitous cities

Semantics and Adaptiveness
Content-aware networks; Network-aware applications; Semantic Web;
Adaptive systems; Adaptive applications; Self-adaptiveness;
Ontology-based adaptation; Semantic profile; Semantic service
orchestration; Multi-technology semantic integration /sensors, ehealth,
geosensing, etc./

Wireless access technologies / WLANs, WiMAX, satellite, 3G, etc./;
Multi-hop wireless networks /sensor, ad hoc, mesh, etc./; Wireless QoS
and reliability; Wireless body area networks; Energy optimization

Emerging technologies and applications
Vehicular ad hoc networks; Bio-inspired networks; Tele-medicine/e-health
networks; User-centric services and applications; Autonomous and
autonomic systems; Self-manageable systems; Emerging computation
business models; Social networks; eSociety

EMERGING Advisory Chairs
Raj Jain, Washington University in St. Louis, USA
Michael D. Logothetis, University of Patras, Greece
Tulin Atmaca, IT/Telecom&Management SudParis, France
Phuoc Tran-Gia, University of Wuerzburg, Germany
Nuno M. Garcia, Universidade Lusófonas de Humanidades e Tecnologias,
Lisboa, Portugal

EMERGING 2011 Industry Liaison Chairs
Krishna Murthy, Quintiles, USA
Tadashi Araragi, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation ? Kyoto, Japan
Robert Foster, Edgemount Solutions - Plano, USA

EMERGING 2011 Research Chair
David Carrera, Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) / Universitat
Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC), Spain

Committee: http://www.iaria.org/conferences2011/ComEMERGING11.html

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