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Subject: Call for Posters - GreenNets 2011


The First ICST International Conference on Green Communications and Networking (GreenNets 2011) 
                                šNetworks of the Future to Preserve Environment"

                           Colmar, France, 5th-7th Oct, 2011



Global warming and climate change have been a growing worldwide concern. Six sources, i.e., transportation, power, buildings, industry, agriculture and forestry, and land use, have been identified as major contributors to the rise of global carbon dioxide (CO2). The mobile industry is seen as a potential enabler to reduce greenhouse gases contributed by these six sources provided that appropriate measures are implemented. On the other hand, the mobile industry itself will also contribute to CO2 emission through network operations, mobile equipments, etc. 

To meet the requirement of low-carbon economy development, it is necessary to reduce the operation expenditure or energy consumption of mobile networks, while maintaining acceptable quality of service. This conference will explore and explain the scope and challenges of designing, building, and deploying GreenNets. 

In this regard, the conference aims to establish a forum to bring together research professionals from diverse fields including green mobile networks, system architectures, networking & communication protocols, applications, test-bed and prototype, traffic balance and energy-efficient cooperation transmission, system and application issues related to GreenNets.

Scopes and Interests
The topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following: 

1. Communications and Networking:
   ---	Communication techniques and protocols for GreenNets
   ---	Energy-efficient transmission technologies based on the cooperation communication
   ---	Scalable and flexible energy efficiency mobile network architectures, deployments, and applications
2. Energy-efficient network architecture & protocols:
   ---	Scalability and mobility issues in energy efficiency cross-layer design
   ---	MAC Protocols and QoS Designing for mobile networks
3. Systems and Technology:
   ---	Transactions and workflows in green mobile networks
   ---	Adaptability and stability of green mobile networks
   ---	Mobile and multimedia supported green mobile networks
   ---	Experimental and test bed studies for energy efficiency mobile networks, simulation tools
4. Energy-efficient management:
   ---	Energy-efficient traffic balance, cooperation and management
   ---	Distributed energy efficiency resource management techniques
   ---	Protocols for cooperative management and control

Submission Guidelines
Authors are invited to submit posters of up to 4 pages, in ACM Proceedings format (7"x9" print area, single spaced, double column, 9-pt font size). Please see http://greennets.org/submission.shtm for details.

  Important Dates
Poster Paper Deadline:       August 28, 2011 (FIRM)
Author Notification:        	September 9, 2011
Camera Ready:               September 16, 2011

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