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Subject: CFP: SI on Green Communications and Networking - MONET (I.F.: 1.109)

Special Issue on Green Communications and Networking 

Springer Mobile Network & Applications (MONET)
Impact Factor: 1.109

The worldwide growing energy demands together with the increasing depletion of fossil fuels have been recognized as a major challenge that needs to be urgently addressed by society in order to have a sustainable future. To investigate new technologies that can enable a transition towards a more sustainable society with a reduced carbon footprint is of prime importance. It is well understood that ICT is one of the keys to a future low-carbon and sustainable society. Communications technologies will be critical to achieving large-scale energy savings in all domains including communications, manufacturing, transportation, buildings, and electricity generation and distribution. In this context, there is a critical need for new ways of reducing energy consumption of communication and networking systems if the current trajectory of traffic growth and supporting anywhere/anytime/anything access is to continue unabated. Energy costs are significant in a broad range of communications!
  networks ranging from data center 
networks (where network equipment consume about 15% of the overall energy used) to cellular networks (where energy use of base stations amounts to around 70% of the total). The need for ?greener? communications and networking technologies has been recognized by the research community as demonstrated by the significant research efforts in this area during the last years. However, many challenges still remain to be addressed.

The special issue of Springer Mobile Network & Applications will focus on recent research results in the area of green communications and networking, which solicits original, unpublished research papers both from academy and industry reporting on substantial results in the green communications and networking area enabling significant future energy savings. We also seek survey and tutorial papers in green communications and networking. Topics include, but are not limited to:


- Green Solutions for Communications Technologies
- Energy-efficient networking and protocols
- Energy-efficient communications management
- Energy-efficiency in wired networks
- Energy-efficiency in wireless networks
- Energy-efficiency in vehicular networks
- Energy-efficiency in data centers
- Energy-efficiency in content delivery networks
- Energy-efficient secure networking
- Measurement & profiling of energy consumption
- Standardization efforts

* Green Society Solutions based on Communications Technologies
- Smart Cities
- Smart Sensing
- e-Health
- Energy-efficient buildings
- Energy harvesting
- Industrial automation
- Device-to-Device communications (D2D)
- Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
- Standardization efforts

* Smart Grid Communications
- Advanced metering infrastructure and smart meter technologies
- Wide-area monitoring and control
- Demand-response management
- Distributed generation and storage
- Operations of renewable energy generation
- Management & control of distributed energy storage
- Grid-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-grid
- Micro-grids
- Standardization efforts

Important Date

Manuscript submission deadline: 1st Sep. 2014
Notification of acceptance: 1st Nov. 2014
Submission of final revised manuscript due:  1st Dec. 2014
Publication of special issue:  1Q 2015

Submission Procedure
Authors should follow the MONET Journal manuscript format at the journal site: http://www.springer.com/engineering/signals/journal/11036 .
Manuscripts should be submitted on line through http://www.editorialmanager.com/mone/. The "Subject field" of the email must contain "MONET GreeNets Paper - ".. Manuscript Submission Due: 1st Aug. 2014. 

Guest Editors

Prof. Jaime Lloret
E-mail: jlloret@dcom.upv.es

Dr. Ford Lumban Gaol
E-mail: fordlg@gmail.com 

Prof. Liang Zhou
E-mail: liang.zhou@ieee.org

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