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Subject: [Job] Technologist Positions @ CNR ICAR

[Apologies for multiple posting]

Technologist positions (SIX) in computer science area (call No. PNRR - 400.3 ICAR PNRR)

The SIX technologist positions are open for carrying out scientific-technological research activities within the "FOSSR, Fostering Open Science in Social Science Research" project.

The positions are for full-time and fixed-term technologists (III level) at the Institute for high performance computing and networking (ICARCNR)

The yearly gross salary is around 55kâ including taxes, thirteenth month pay.

Required experience â It is required at least three years of experience:
- in design and development of web portals, UX, open data;
- and/or in the cloud computing paradigm, API design principles, main programming languages and IT security aspects; - and/or in management of computing, archiving and network systems in data centers and in drafting of technical specifications;

or possession of the title of Research Doctor or a PhD relevant to the field of experience requested;

- knowledge of the English language.

See the call for selection with instructions for the application:


DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS is February the 20th, 2023 (h 18:00)

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