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Subject: RE: [soa-blueprints] Microsoft Motion Modeling Methodology (M*4?)

Anyone have any insights on this?

Microsoft Motion Business Modeling Methodology

At the Tech Ed 2005 Europe Architecture pre-con Beat Schegler and
Arvindra Sehmi talked about a methodology framework that MCS have been
working on called Motion which is supposed to be:

"The Motion Methodology uses the concept of Business Capabilities to
model a business. A Capability describes the what, not the how. A
Capabilities Model abstracts structural information (capabilities and
connections) separately from dynamic information (processes)"

Motion decomposes the whole business into capabilities on many levels of
granularity ( level 1-3), where level 1 represents core business
capabilities (eg. Warehousing), level 2 represents capability groups
(eg. Manage Products/Orders) and level 3 represent the business
capabilities (order products, track etc. ). Each business capability
then has 80 attributes which describe it, such as who owns it, input and
outputs, best practices and exceptions.

On top of this we then layer our business processes. which manage and
orchestrate messages going between these business capabilities.

The Framework is supposed to come with a complete set of deliverables
templates and tasks and a unique "go in, go up, go out" approach to
modeling these business capabilities and processes, FAQs, case studies
and the while shebang.  

When goggling around for this, I've not been able to come up with
anything so far. Are there any news on this, when this will be released
and to whom ? Will it be publicly available like MSF or only to partners

I can see the tooling for this going hand in hand with DSL tools in the
posted on Thursday, July 28, 2005 1:30 PM

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