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Subject: Re: [soa-blueprints] WS-TX


I would expect the service metadata to include, or more likely 
prominently link to, representations of policies under which the 
service wishes to perform.  Per the SOA-RM, policies represent a 
"wish list" for the service, where some items may be negotiable and 
some not.  Establishing the "execution context" is the mechanism by 
which provider and consumer policies are aligned and conflicts 
resolved;  it may be thought of as a negotiation of policies 
resulting in a contract between the parties.  A service invocation 
becomes possible and may occur within an established execution 
context.  The transaction semantics would not be changed, but some 
level of semantic mediation may be necessary in the process of 
creating the contract, including documenting what mediation has occurred.


At 12:28 PM 11/21/2005, John Harby wrote:
>I joined the WS-Transactions TC and attended their F2F last week. 
>Although I don't think we have the sort of liason
>requirements that we may have in other SOA related TCs, the notion 
>of SOAs and services did come up in the discussion. One particular 
>example was compensation (e.g. in a rollback scenario), certain 
>services may be compensatable and others may not. It wasn't too 
>certain whether this property should be expressed in the service 
>metadata or some policies. It was extremely undesirable to that 
>group for the transaction semantics or protocol to be modified though.

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