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Subject: The Myth of ESB... is it a blueprint or a pattern...


A question to the group


Back in the old “Enterprise Application Integration” days the vendors pushed a model which had either a single broker in the middle, or a bus in the middle.  The common element was always that “one” thing in the centre.  We are now seeing the same thing with ESB, the concept of a single bus (product) that rules the enterprise.  With EAI one of the biggest challenges was that product centric view of the world which led to organisations being left with “legacy” EAI which is as much of an issue as the applications it was meant to make easy to access (any Monk programmers out there?).


So what my strawman is to this group (and as the Soalogic thing evolves its quite important) is that concept of bus federation is essential to an SOA Blueprint, you must assume that there will be multiple busses, potentially at all levels, these may use similar technology (even identical) but the principles of federation should be the default for a well formed SOA.  Now is this a pattern or a blueprint, and if a blueprint where should it be considered.  My viewpoint is that there needs to be an official counterpoint to the vendor view that takes a Lord of the Rings (one ESB to find them all and in the darkness bind them) approach to delivery.  The best ESB is the one that assumes it isn’t the only thing around.






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