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Subject: Re: [soa-blueprints] To Proceed


In addition, I believe that one of the goals that was agreed upon is
developing best practices, BP.  These could be partitioned into the
following categories:
- General BP, which would be applicable to all domains
- Domain Specific BP, where the domains might be:
   - Financial
   - Manufacturing
   - Retail
   - Professional services
   - Business services (not SOA services)
   - Media & Marketing
   - Education
   - Government

Each of these could be further subdivided, but too fine a subdivision,
IMHO, is not in the spirit of a specification.  If we could come up with
best practices at this level we would deliver information that would be
useful to a broad category of people.  We could point out significant
exceptions or additions for subcategories of the chosen domains.
Although the primary effort would be to generalize the BP as much as
feasible while still making them useful.


On Mon, 2006-01-23 at 11:49 -0600, marchadr@wellsfargo.com wrote:
> To All,
> Here is what I gather from the group as a whole:
> 1. Need a context on what we are doing.
>     - 2 cents:  A problem statement would be a great start with audience, etc... 
> 2. Need to defining use cases to provide context on the blueprints defined
>      - 2 cents: establish a use case document that can be expand on this and may have domain related spin offs
> 3. Need to establish what a blueprint is.
> I think everyone should start adding to this list and adding opinions, etc...
> This may help to create a bit of focus or strategy.
> Thanks,
> Dan
Don Flinn
President, Flint Security LLC
Tel: 781-856-7230
Fax: 781-631-7693
e-mail: flinn@alum.mit.edu

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