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Subject: Re: [soa-blueprints] To Proceed

A blueprint is detailed instructions on how to implement a particular 
design. Construction blueprints are modified as the building is constructed 
to reflect the actual decisions the contractor made in the field.

In building construction, of course, one can have a plan that is distinct 
from the artifact itself. In the software world, detailed instructions on 
implementation is very often identical to writing code.

I suppose one could describe a particular SOA in terms of service inputs 
and outputs and orchestrations, etc. without reference to a vendor 
implementation. This is some soft of architectural document, not a blueprint.

I understand what a reference architecture is. I understand what a concrete 
architecture is. I have no idea what an abstract blueprint is.


At 12:49 PM 1/23/2006, marchadr@wellsfargo.com wrote:
>To All,
>Here is what I gather from the group as a whole:
>1. Need a context on what we are doing.
>     - 2 cents:  A problem statement would be a great start with audience, 
> etc...
>2. Need to defining use cases to provide context on the blueprints defined
>      - 2 cents: establish a use case document that can be expand on this 
> and may have domain related spin offs
>3. Need to establish what a blueprint is.
>I think everyone should start adding to this list and adding opinions, etc...
>This may help to create a bit of focus or strategy.

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