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Subject: Re: [soa-eerp-comment] Review comments: What is the service in the SOA-EERP?


Thanks for your comments.

As stated in the white paper "End-to-End Resource Planning (EERP) Model and
Use Cases",
-cd03.pdf, SOA-EERP Services are performed by people, machines, and
hardware/software applications, and represented by SOA services. The
application of these three specs are any kind of business services, and
they are not limited to only Web Services.

Software as A Service (SaaS) in the Cloud will also need to deal with
business quality of service, rating of the service and the business service
level agreement. Therefore, these three SOA-EERP specs can be applied to
SaaS as well.

Best regards,

Andy Lee,
SOA-EERP TC Co-chair

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