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Subject: Re: [soa-rm-editors] Groups - 2.3.1 Data/Information Model(SOA-RM-IM.doc) uploaded

Hello Thomas:

This is a hot topic and right on track.  In New Orleans, we discussed 
this and I think the consensus was that this is part of a services 
'policies'.  There may be several different policies, perhaps even 
affecting different elements within a specific SOA's data model, but 
they are policies.

I think the question we need to think about and answer is how to express 
the relationship between these different parts of the reference model.  
How does the policy affect the data model or parts thereof?  I am not 
sure what section that falls under (Policy or data or both).

Martin had a great description of a use case where different parts of 
the data model may be associated with multiple, disparate policies. 


Bui, Thomas T wrote:

>I suggest to include access privilege to the data in this section.  For
>example, some elements of the data can be accessed without any
>privilege, while other elements need a certain level of privilege
>(secret/top secret or worker/manager/administrator ...)
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>Subject: [soa-rm-editors] Groups - 2.3.1 Data/Information Model
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