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Subject: Glossary, References

Attached is the glossary in rtf (although the text is vanilla plain rather
than anything "rich"). I won't be able to upload to KAVI until the morning
here: I still don't have Internet connection at home and am struggling to
get a minimum bandwidth from a GPRS service with weak signal reception: like
trying to suck honey through a straw...

I've not changed anything in 1.4 as we've had no comments since I wrote that
section for the TC charter.

In section 2.3.1 there are references to WSDL, WS-R, WSBEPL and CDL without
any definitions or explanations: should I add them to 4.2.? I think the
acronyms should at least be spelled out...

In section 2.4 (lines 407 and 411 in v7), I would delete the words "on a
fabric" as I have have done in the glossary definition of advertising: the
act of advertising implies communication through a medium or media which by
definition is carried on a fabric. The term "fabric" is used extensively in
Wes McGregor's separate doc on discovery but this doesn't seem to have been
incorporated into v7: or am I missing something?

I would add possibly a new 4.2. Non-normative references, but for the moment
there is only one entry...attached for the sake of completeness




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