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Subject: Re: [soa-rm-editors] Proposed Dispositions

Did someone make a proposal t use Matt's new Concept Map as a 
replacement for figure 2-1?

I think this is a good way forward.


Don Flinn wrote:

>Hi Fellow Editors
>So far I have received Proposed Dispositions (PDs) from Peter Brown,
>John Harby and Don Flinn.  I'm looking for an onslaught of PDs today as
>this is our target date.  
>If your PD is short (reasonable size for a Excel cell) send it with the
>issue number.  If the PD is lengthy upload an email containing the PD to
>Issues Lists / Dispositions / Draft 07 on the our TC members page.  I
>will then put a hyperlink to your email in the appropriate PD cell.
>Include the issue number in the email. See John Harby's PD in the Draft
>07 folder for an example.
>If you have any question or problems please contact me.

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