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Subject: Re: [soa-rm-editors] idea from ftf on RM/RA/A


I love this example.  To add to your example of architecture however, I 
would assert that the RA for colonial, split level etc can be 
specialized for a specific set of requirements.  For example, a rambler 
may have a garage that can be attached at either end, depending upon the 
composition of the building lot.  Additionally, the foundation for all 
must be specialized to account for the landscape upon which the house is 
to be built.  Pipes and electrical outlets must be specialized to 
account for regional building codes (110 volt vs 220).  The roof may 
have to be pitched different if built in a snow region too.


Ken Laskey wrote:

> During today's telecon, I remembered a discussion during the ftf that 
> didn't necessarily solve all our problems (Frank wasn't sure if he 
> bought it completely) but I thought I'd capture it here.
> Go back to our house analogy.  The RA captures concepts related to 
> what makes up a house, e.g. room, window, door.  It might include the 
> concepts of food preparation area and personal hygiene area and the 
> relationship that there should be physical separation between the 
> two.  Note that this provides a very North American/western Europe 
> reference and not necessarily one that covers a tent.  So a given RM 
> already provides a perspective.
> Given RA concepts, various RAs show how these concepts can be arranged 
> in a useful pattern.  So RA examples would be (sorry for the American 
> terms) a colonial, a split-level, a rambler, etc.  You can play with 
> the pattern but one can say that any given pattern serves a particular 
> set of purposes (e.g. a rambler is on one level for those who 
> want/need to avoid stairs).
> An architecture is then a specific plan to build a house or set of 
> houses.  There can still be some variations but you don't do things 
> like moving fireplaces or structural walls, else you have a new 
> architecture.
> Chew this one over and see what you think.
> Ken
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