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Subject: Homework (mine!) for the editors meeting

Dear Team:
As I can't join you all next week, the least I could do was to help a bit from here by doing a bit of homework.

Attached you will find a file based on Don's last Issues list (v4), updated and augmented as follows:

- I have numbered Presanta's issues;
- I have added my own (un-numbered) issues, as submitted to the RM list earlier;
- The issues are ordered to follow the order of the text;
- some of the columns are 'hidden' to make for easier work-through next week

- I have given my comments, in the issue progress column, and my preference for action on each issue. I've left a blank on some issues where I don't have any religion on the matter;
- I've abused and squatted the Proposed Disposition column, to set out my proposals for text. They are only that, my proposals. Confirm/amend/kick-out as you guys see fit;
- I've withheld from giving an opinion on my own issues ;-)

I'll try to piece together my proposed edits to "my" sections into a new text(s) that might be easier to read, but I won't get around to that today...

All the best for a successful meeting!



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