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soa-rm-editors message

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Subject: Re: [soa-rm-editors] wd-soa-rm-10ED.pdf

Title: Re: [soa-rm-editors] wd-soa-rm-10ED.pdf
I can insert a note in the glossary mentioning that it is in flux, and we can give Peter a couple of weeks to make his changes.

That cool?


On 11/1/05 1:38 PM, "Frank McCabe" <frank.mccabe@us.fujitsu.com> wrote:

  The area that has now received the least attention is the glossary.
  It is time that it be updated. But it is probably not enough of a
reason to hold the process. On the other hand, this *definitely*
needs doing before the Vienna F2F.

On Nov 1, 2005, at 4:48 AM, Matt MacKenzie wrote:

> Team:
> Here is the Draft 10 candidate.  If there is agreement of this team, I
> will knock off the ED and post it to the main list.
> Please, send in your votes. If there is a no, deliver it with at least
> one proposed change :-)
> -Matt
> <wd-soa-rm-10ED.pdf>

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