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Subject: RE: SOA-RM v10 Proof-reading - Work time!

OK, let's roll

From: Brown, Al [mailto:abrown@filenet.com]
Sent: 02 November 2005 18:42
To: prasanta behera; peter@justbrown.net
Cc: soa-rm-editors
Subject: RE: SOA-RM v10 Proof-reading - Work time!

That is fine with me.  I can have a draft back with comments by Friday. -Al


From: prasanta behera [mailto:pkb.prasanta@gmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, November 02, 2005 9:40 AM
To: peter@justbrown.net
Cc: Brown, Al; soa-rm-editors
Subject: Re: SOA-RM v10 Proof-reading - Work time!



I can do it. I can do section 1.0 - 3.2. If Al can look at 3.3->5 and you the rest, we will be in a good shape.


On 11/2/05, Peter F Brown <peter@justbrown.net> wrote:

Prasanta, Al:
Following today's TC conf call, the time has come for us to do a proof-reading of the new v10ED version before release to the list and the whole TC (copy attached).

We are looking for:
- grammatical, typo and formatting errors;
- inconsistencies in wording at different points in the text;
- ambiguity about intended meaning;

Could you indicate:
- whether you can contribute in a short time frame;
- which section(s) you would prefer to tackle *in detail* (we will all three of us need to look through the whole text to assess consistency).

I will in any case look at the Glossary and consistency with rest of text as part of my responsibility for that section.

I would hope that we could turn this around by the end of the weekend so that Matt can post to list next Monday.



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