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Subject: Proofing of section 3 (intro and 3.1)

I’ve read through section 3 and 3.1 and would like to submit the following suggestions for this section.  I’ve highlighted the changes in red italic text in this email.  I’ve also copied the text into word (with lines numbers and track changes turned on) and made these updates.



Lines 233-234: (switch sentence order)

The noun “service” is defined in dictionaries as “The performance of work (a function) by one for another.”  SOA is a way to organize the world around this key concept of service.

Line 226-228:

A service oriented architecture represents a uniform means to offer, discover and interact with capabilities to produce desired effects consistent with measurable preconditions and expectations. This section introduces the main concepts within this paradigm.  A detailed discussion of the concepts and their relationships are in the sections that follow.


Lines 231-235

A key concept of SOA is that of service. In general, entities (people and organizations) create capabilities to solve or support a solution for the problems they face in the course of their business. SOA organizes the world around this key concept of service. The noun “service” is defined in dictionaries as “The performance of work (a function) by one for another.”  However, service, as the term is typically conceived, also rolls in the following related ideas:


Line 240-241: strike and replace with lines 249-251


Line 245:

Change:  “address a need” to “address some need”


Line 247-248:

Therefore, this concept focuses the necessary interfaces and behavior to support the interaction. Recall also that interaction may, and often will, cross ownership boundaries.  SOA identifies necessary aspects of interactions involving multiple ownership domains.  However, it does not directly embody concepts relating to ownership.  


Line 252-256:

Delete as redundant of lines 231 – 251.


Line 257:

In order to accept an offer of service, it is necessary to know that it exists, what is accomplished if the service


Line 259-260: (strike “to be permitted access” from end of sentence)

When given an explicit searchable form, this information allows, for example, prospective consumers to decide if the service is suitable for their current needs and establishes whether a consumer satisfies any requirements of the service provider.


Line 272-274:

Replace “Although services are accessed in order to achieve particular desired effects, this is effected by exchanging information between service providers and consumers.” With “Service providers and consumers exchange information to achieve particular desired effects.” 



Line 277:

…possibility of and mechanisms by which


Line 278:

For example, registries or repositories of service descriptions…


Lines 281-281:

Inserted within lines 247-248


Rebekah Metz


Booz Allen Hamilton

Voice:  (703) 377-1471

Fax:     (703) 902-3457



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