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Subject: Comments on The Real World Effect of using services

The section Real World Effect provides the setting for
achieving an effect through actions at a distance. 
The Point of Action is introduced and characterized so
that it can play a role in other sections of the RA.


The measurement of effect is dicussed in terms of
changes to the shared state.  Measurability of effect
is also touched on in Needs and Capabilities. For each
section of the RA (excluding the introduction), one
could ask what types of things are described that can
be measurable, what are their relationships, and what
are the mechanisms for providing that measurability.  

Section 1.5, Describing Real World Effect in formal
langauge, provides a check list item for the concrete
SOA architecture - Automated SOAs may/should have a
formal language for the effect of using a service.  

An example of a formal language might be helpful to
the reader to provide guidance in applying a formal
language in a conrete architecture.  Could the formal
language be through the use of UML and a model driven
architecture?  Could the formal language be based on
XML as defined by a standard? etc.


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