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Subject: Coments on Views and Viewpoints


I like the addition of a section that discusses
various viewpoints of the system.  This helps the
reader understand that different elements in the
architecture can have various meaningful relationships
based on the particular viewpoint of the architecture.
 My suggestion is to move this section into the
introduction or just below the introduction.

There are numerous architectural styles and
methodologies and architectural artifacts based on
those styles and methodologies.  Many variables go
into the choice of how an architectural methodology is
tailored to meet the needs of a project: type of
problem being solved, size of the project, time, team
size, team technical experience, budget, architects
preferred architectural styles, etc.  While the
discussion of ANSI/IEEE standards can be informative,
I would not make this a normative reference because of
the need to recognize the many various architectural
styles that can be used to build systems. 

Comments on Candidate Viewpoints for the SOA RA:

Interface Viewpoint - Do others have thoughts on the
direction this particular viewpoint could take in the
RA.  I do not see the RA going down to the level of
discussing specific interfaces so I am relunctant at
this point to make a case that would fit this
viewpoint into the SOA RA.

Information Viewpoint - Information Viewpoint could be
expanded to something like an information sharing
viewpoint.  This would be inline with the Global
Information Grid and could provide that group of
people some hooks into the RA.  

Interaction Viewpoint - Already incorporated into the

Behavior Viewpoint (or Functional Viewpoint?) - Is the
Behavior Viewpoint that much different than the
Interaction Viewpoint?  Aspects of behavior are also
captured in Needs and Capabilities, Participants, and
Real World Effect.    

Security Viewpoint - Already incorporated into the RA.

Management Viewpoint - Already incorporated into the

Infrastructure Viewpoint (move Security and Management
into infrastructure) - Infrastructure seems similar to
the Enterprise SOA.  The Enterprise SOA describes the
architectural infrastructure elements.  Would it be
appropriate to create an Infrastructure Viewpoint at
the level of the SOA RA or would it be more
appropriate for a reference implementation

Do we want to add an Internet SOA viewpoint and an
Enterprise SOA viewpoint?


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