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Subject: Re: [soa-rm-ra] Comments on Governance


Jyoti has done a nice job capturing a number of key SOA governance topics.
Of course we'll need to turn the bullet points into narrative text.  One
avenue that is another perspective on governance, and one that I am much
more familiar, is "architecture governance."  My question to Frank and the
team is do we want to cover the topic of governing the architecture, i.e.,
cast the reference architecture to include a model for governance so that
organizations can govern concrete SOA-based architectures?  The three
strategic elements of architecture governance as described by TOGAF for
example include the following:

* A comprehensive set of Architectural Principles should be established, to
guide, inform and support the way in which an organization sets about
fulfilling its mission through the use of information technology.

* A cross-organizational Architecture Board must be established with the
backing of top management to oversee the implementation of the architecture
governance strategy.

* An Architecture Compliance strategy should be adopted---specific measures
(more than just a statement of policy) to ensure compliance with the
architecture, including project impact assessments, a formal architecture
compliance review process, and possibly including the involvement of the
architecture team in product procurement.

It is also very important to clearly articulate the distinction between
"governance" and "management."  Something I think we should include in the
governance section.  Governance is concerned about decision making (i.e.,
setting directions, establishing standards and principles, and prioritizing
investments).  Management on the other hand is concerned with execution
(i.e., how the actions resulting from decisions are executed).

More food for thought!

 - Jeff

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