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Subject: Re: [soa-rm-ra] Ecosystem Writeup

I do not necessarily disagree with your comments.

I certainly do feel it applies to governance, but it also applies to the 
difficulty we are having with issues such as security which is clearly an 
emergent property of  a SOA, not a component of a SOA.

The current write up is designed to get the TC thinking about how this 
applies to the way we structure our analysis. It is not intended to be how 
it should appear, if at all, in the final document.


At 11:08 AM 7/21/2006, Jeffrey A Estefan wrote:
>To say that this is not an easy subject to write-up would be an
>understatement indeed.
>Here are my recommendations:
>1. Reduce the content of write-up by about a factor of three.  There are too
>many words.  I'd leverage just the SOA parallels to your physical,
>biological, etc. ecosystem examples.
>2. It's pretty cerebral and you might want to tone down the prose a bit as
>we might loose our audience.
>3. My feeling is the core message drives the need for SOA Governance.
>Therefore, if you condense the write-up, I think it would be better served
>as introduction material for the Governance section of the RA rather than in
>the top level intro section of the RA.
>I'm sure we'll be discussing this further in our face-to-face and future RA
>  - Jeff

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