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Subject: Re: Publish-Find-Bind and Mediation


This really depends on what we mean by an electronic registry.  For 
example, I have an email folder where I collect emails on ontology 
tools.  I can browse or do string searches on the contained 
emails.  To what extent am I making use of an electronic 
registry?  The email client does deal with electronic media but is 
not marketed as a registry any more than is a pack of Post-It 
notes.  On the other hand, I have created Excel spreadsheets with 
similar types of information and know people who would do it in an 
Access database.  At what point do these become electronic registries?

When does it matter?


At 09:36 AM 8/17/2006, Danny Thornton wrote:
>The Publish-Find-Bind describes three levels of
>registries: a personal regsitry, a group registry, and
>a global registry.  In one of our SOA telecons we
>agreed that a registry is more specific than a
>mediator.  The use of mediator/registry and SOA
>discovery has an implication of an electronic
>mechanism to perform discovery.  Could a personal
>registry include the use of an electronic registry?
>The reason I ask is because some form of electronic
>mediation is the landing pad for a reference
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