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Subject: RE: [soa-forum] RE: loose coupling


Thanks for the history and the intent at that time.  It's a worthy list that seems to have gotten lost in the fluff.


At 02:15 PM 8/18/2006, David RR Webber (XML) wrote:
Continuing this thought - when we original coined the term - we were particularly differenciating from CORBA and EDI.
So -
1) ability to connect and disconnect - no need to be connected 24/7
2) no need for overburdening infrastructure to be installed by all parties
3) information exchange related to role, context and purpose - and flexible on BOTH sides of interchange.
4) ability to adapt and change information exchange content dynamically (agile information)
5) ability for delivery / business process to continue across long periods of elapsed time asynchronously

-------- Original Message --------
<snip> While not formally documented, SOA-RA defines the access to a resource to be loosely coupled if the necessary interactions to use the resource require the minimum in the way of use constraints.  The noted constraints include a priori requirements and requirements at time of access. 

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