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Subject: Re: [soa-rm-ra] Governance Paper

>- Much of the Five Views is what we moved to management instead of 
>governance.  Recall from the summary email, "governance reflects what some 
>authority wants to happen, e.g. policies, and management provides the 
>details and mechanisms by which policy becomes reality".  A governance 
>board may mandate policy but it is someone on the ground that makes it happen.

But to continue our government analogy, we have both a legislature and an 
executive. The fact that the latter is necessary to execute the laws and 
policies of the former does not remove it from the governance function. I 
am not so sure we can draw an easy line between management and executive.

Perhaps, to continue the analogy, what we call management translates to the 
administrative agencies that are responsible for the detailed execution 
(and making subsidiary rules) of the policies.


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