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Subject: Re: [soa-rm-ra] service description diagramfor discussion

That's adding some detail to the model.  Can you
explain "Identity & Provenance" and the aggregation of
"Annotations from 3rd parties"?

I like "Presence" in place of "Heartbeat".  We have
heartbeat listed in the "Service Management View"
section 1.5.    


Even though I didn't add presence as part of
reachability to the Service Description UML model, I
was wondering if we should include it.

What happened to the Action Model and Process Model in
your diagram? I think these are two important and
distinct models that belong to the Behavior model.

The protocols could be on a per Action bases (assuming
there is an Action Model).  Protocol applies to any
contact with the service which I think you captured in
your diagram. The question is at what granularity do
we want to depict the protocols?


--- Ken Laskey <klaskey@mitre.org> wrote:

> This is derived from a combination of adding
> additional detail  
> mentioned in the RM and notes from the discussion
> two weeks ago.  The  
> "Supported and/or required protocols" seems to
> appear with both the  
> reachability and service interface text.  (Not sure
> how that happened.   
> The three little description diagrams in the lower
> right are other  
> aspects I'm not sure how to include.  In addition,
> I'd like to think of  
> a composition that defines a general component that
> can be instanced as  
> any of the other service description components, but
> that still needs  
> more thought.
> Talk with you tomorrow.
> Ken.
> ------------------
> Ken Laskey
> MITRE Corporation, M/S H305     phone:  703-983-7934
> 7515 Colshire Drive                        fax:     
>   703-983-1379
> McLean VA 22102-7508

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