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Subject: Re: [soa-rm-ra] TOGAF and SOA

I think Jeff knows more about TOGAF than I do so he
could probably say more about it.  I don't have
experience with TOGAF but from my last brief read of
it, it is similar to DoDAF or other architectural
frameworks providing multiple levels of views of a
system.  We are providing views and viewpoints so what
we do in the RA can certainly be helpful to people
developing distributed computing systems based on SOA
and also based on DoDAF or TOGAF.  The work we do in
the RA can be helpful in filling in some of the SOA
specific details for architectural frameworks
structured to support SOA.

The problem with DoDAF and TOGAF is how is the
architectural style changed to accommodate services
and a SOA.  DoDAF has it's roots in structured
procedural programming.  It has been revised for OO
helping the architectural style focus on components
rather than functional structured procedures.  We are
tailoring DoDAF for SOA on a project I am currently
working on.  I still see API ghouls and demons
(meaning the loss of dynamics you have with service
interactions in a SOA) creeping into the DoDAF SOA
architectural style.

TOGAF Architecture Domains:
Business Architecture
Applications Architecture
Data Architectures

DoDAV Architectural Views:
All View 1 & 2
Operational Views 1 - 7
System Views 1 - 11 
Technical Standards View 1 & 2

To see more on DoDAF follow the link:



--- Michael Stiefel <development@reliablesoftware.com>

> How does this relate to our efforts:
> Michael

We have the perfect Group for you. Check out the handy changes to Yahoo! Groups 

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