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Subject: Re: [soa-rm-ra] External References in SOA-RM ReferenceArchitecture

My $0.02 on the diagram here:


- versioning is an aspect of every standard, protocol or technology.
- "supported and/or required protocols" is errant.  "Required" is an
attribute of the supported protocols.  Protocols must have a unique
identifier to convey the message in SD instances as well as the version of
that standard or protocol.
- supported standards and protocols should have an optional namespace
declaration as an attribute of each class
Information model must be declared in terms of it's binding to the
behavioral model (think "operation" in WSDL).  Each message going in or out
has to have information associated with that step.  It is not orthogonal but
rather explicitly linked.
- trust is something that is a decision made based upon observable
authentication results.  Not sure if it even fits here.
- location is something that probably should be aggregated under service

I may try next week to work up a new diagram based on the intersection
between the RM and WSDL + extensions.


On 11/2/06 10:26 AM, "Rex Brooks" <rexb@starbourne.com> wrote:

> Everyone,
> When I suggested that we need to have an explicit box/conceptual
> place for "External References" beyond that allocated in Ken's
> diagram for 3rd Party Annotations from Identity & Provenance, and now
> in Danny's reworked diagram directly from Service Description,
> http://wiki.oasis-open.org/soa-rm/TheArchitecture/ServiceDescription#preview
> I meant that we should explicitly call out in our Reference
> Architecture External References such as the Web Services for Remote
> Portlets Specification 1.0, which can be found at:
> http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/wsrp/documents.php?expand_folder_
> id=1085#folder_1085.
> V 2.0 is nearing readiness for an OASIS-wide vote.
> My expectation is that we will need to have a place in our
> architecture where references which specifically identify both the
> standards with which a service either complies or conforms and the
> source or custodian/location of the specification can be
> cited/invoked.
> I am not suggesting that this include any specific standards, nor
> proprietary offerings such as ESBs, but I think it is necessary for
> us to include an ability to reference such specifications within the
> Service Description because they can be, and, are becoming major, if
> not required components of a Service Description.
> I waited until after today's WSRP meeting to send this so that I
> could get a feel for whether anyone might be interested in pursuing
> this further, and it was suggested that I send more information about
> this to the wsrp list, so I am copying that list as well with this
> message.
> I think that this is an area where the apparently inactive SOA
> Blueprints TC could provide tech notes from the various Web Services
> TCs for connecting such specifications as WSS, SAML. XACML and the
> various Web Service Policy, WSBPEL, Web Services Reliable Messaging,
> etc., as well as WSRP.
> However, be that as it may, I believe our Reference Architecture
> ought to have a place for an obvious, extent set of external
> references to key resources.
> Cheers,
> Rex

Sr. Technical Evangelist - Adobe Systems, Inc.       *
Chair - OASIS SOA Reference Model Technical Committee*
Blog: http://technoracle.blogspot.com                *

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