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Subject: Minutes for Meeting 11-08-06

Hi Everyone,

As ever, please let me know if we need to correct, add or delete 
anything in the following Minutes:

OASIS SOA RM TC Meeting Minutes: June 01, 2005  8:00am - 9:30am PDT

Item 1: Roll Call

	Frank McCabe took roll.

We did not achieve quorum.

Item 2: Minute Taker Appointed

	Rex Brooks appointed by Frank McCabe

Item 3: We discussed The "Business as Services" Section of TheArchitecture.

Franked walked us through the Section.

  1 Business via services

  1.1 Viewpoint was described as an examination of how business 
functions from the perspective of owners and participants and how 
their various activities relate to the SOA.

  1.2 Needs and Capabilities contains two diagrams. The first focuses 
on both Needs and Capabilities and precedes the definition of 
Capabilities taken from the RM. This section also offers a definition 
of a Need, and it was noted that a definition of this term was not 
included in the RM.

The first sentence of the definition initially read " A need is a 
measurable condition that a service participant actively seeks to 
satisfy." We discussed it and suggested that the word "condition" 
could be thought of as a description of a state rather than as a 
"conditional" requirement, and after some discussion suggested it be 
changed to read "A need is a measurable requirement that a service 
participant actively seeks to satisfy."

The second diagram follows the definition of Need and captures the 
relationship of Needs to Policy considerations and explicitly 
includes two types of  statements: Assertions and  Commitments. It 
also includes Public and Private states within which Needs occur and 
within which issues of fulfillment will be more thoroughly examined. 
Specifically, Frank said he would write more on the discrete 
distinctions of Assertions and Commitments with regard to the 
difference between a lie, such as a false assertion in advertising 
and a broken promise such as a cancelled airline flight.

  1.3 Participants contains a diagram that shows Stakeholders and 
Participants as the two major divisions in which the distinction was 
made that Participants must be Stakeholders, but Stakeholders might 
not be participants, but only have an "interest" in the Service or 
the Real World Effect of a Service.

Within the category of Participants there are three subcategories: 
Service Consumers, Service Providers and Mediators. It was pointed 
out that participants may include software agents employed by these 
categories of participants. It was suggested that perhaps the diagram 
needs to represent a non-participant Stakeholder as well.

In addition, the concept of Mediators may need further elucidation to 
draw distinctions between Intermediaries which can be consumers and 
providers in a chain of aggregated dependent services and third 
parties such as regulatory agencies or credentially authorities. The 
last subsection of the Participants Section notes that participants 
have roles.

  1.4 Roles in Service Oriented Architecture. This section examines 
rights, responsibilities qualifications and powers and starts with a 
diagram after some introductory text.

It was suggested that the box with the term "Qualification" be 
labeled "Certification." The box with the term "Power" was suggested 
to be changed to "Authority."

Meeting closed.


Rex Brooks
President, CEO
Starbourne Communications Design
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison
Berkeley, CA 94702
Tel: 510-849-2309

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