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Subject: Message and Action Distinction

During the last conference call, we discussed the
relationship of the action to message.  This was for
the interacting with services section.  One of the
discussions focused on whether the message contains
the action or whether the message is like a parameter
to the action.

One interpretation for message can be that the message
is data sent to the service, data the service will
unmarshall and act upon.  The action itself may or may
not require a message/data.

Another interpretation for message is that the message
itself specifies the action.  An action is always
conveyed with a message.  

The first interpretation is a conceptual distinction
between action and message.  The second interpretation
is more literal in nature, to interact with a service
requires an electronic transfer.  Any form of
electronic transfer is a message.

Hmmm... Other Thoughts?


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