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Subject: Organization of Wiki pages & View/Viewpoint Specs


I see you've updated TheArchitecture Wiki centered around three principal 
views and that's good.  I would suggest the following and I've updated the 
Wiki in some cases accordingly.

1. That we consistently use the adopted view name at various levels, for 
example, in some cases we use "Service as Business View" and in others 
"Business via Services".  I prefer the former but in any event, we need to 
be consistent.

2. Remember that a view is comprised of one or more models.  Therefore, I 
have updated the link names under TheArchitecture to reflect the "View" 
(e.g., Realizing Service Oriented Architecture View) link and if you click 
that link you will see the ANSI/IEEE 1471-2000 required meta-description 
elements at the top of the page followed by links to the models that 
comprise that view.  You will see I added the word "Model" to those links 
(or sections).  Note that viewpoint specifications need to be developed and 
they don't below in the view description.  That is the purpose of my comment 
block at the top of the page.

3. We should organize the rest of the links accordingly (and of course 
ultimately reflect this in the published RA document) and update the names 
of the Wiki links to accurately represent the view names.  Right now, they 

4. We have a link to a Views/Viewpoints section as part of the Introduction 
and that is fine.  I will need to update the content at some point but this 
is where we will want to add our three Viewpoint specifications.  You can 
see the required elements of the viewpoint specs and they are very 
straightforward.  Once we've captured the stakeholders and stakeholder 
concerns for each viewpoint, it's a piece of cake to develop the viewpoint 

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