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Subject: [SPAM] [soa-rm-ra] RE: updated service description

Hi Michael,

The Service Description contains a generalized
meta-model for those things that are publicly
discoverable about a service.  You bring up a good
point about personalized contracts.  This can be a
private affair between two or more parties and not a
public affair.  A question for the RA participants:
Should there always be a signed contract on record
between the agreeing parties?  

At the implementation level, one way to handle a
personalized contract is to store the personalized
contract in a private database.  This would put the
discussion of contracts in the interaction section as
Michael stated. Another way to handle a personalized
contract is to store it as part of a mediated public
registry/repository with access controls.  This puts
the personalized contract back in the Service

I agree about versioning being a part of identity. 
However, I do not see a change in
location/reachability of a service requiring a new
version of the Service Description.  One model for
handling service failure can be to update the location
of the service in the registry so consumers can
transition to the new location of the service.   


--- michael.poulin@uk.fid-intl.com wrote:

> Hi Ken,
>  I have two notes to the update (actually, to the
> doc as it is with the update):
> 1)	There is an entity in the Service Description
> diagram named "Interaction Policies & Contracts". I
> think that Contract belongs to another area than
> service description because it is 'personalized'
> based on consumer/provider agreement. Yes,
> logically, a Contract is a special type of
> description but it would be more comprehensive if we
> put it into Interacting with Services Model 
> section. 
> 2)	You have mentioned <A discussion of how version
> designation/value should be impacted by change of
> version of any of its components (or any
> descriptions?) still needs to be discussed.> To me,
> a version of the service is one of very important
> characteristics of the service description (and,
> respectively, of the service contract). I would
> propose placing version as an entity in the Service
> Description diagram either under Identity or at the
> level of Service Description entity because version
> affects Service Reachability, Service Functionality,
> Interaction Policies, and Service Interface
> entities. I have published a few thoughts about SOA
> service versioning in SOA-WebServices Journal
> (http://java.sys-con.com/read/250503.htm ).
> - Michael

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