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Subject: Re: [soa-rm-ra] quick thought on versioning and description

I am with you, Duane; I do not want to get down into bottomless whole (like Alice in the Wonderworld). Let's assume we deal with the version per se; how new version differs from new object - is out of the scope.

Subscription to the version change event is a good mechanism, I agree. However, when a notification is obtained, the decision has to be made - to call the service in new version or don't. In the rule-based version control, I address this exact moment - the decision making. Nothing more. If new version requires the consumer code change to match new version value, the rule-based version control allows running w/o such change (becuase the version value has to be inside of a range of values). If  version change gets unacceptable for the consumer (i.e. new version value ought to be denied by existing rule), we have two choices: either change the consumer code to meet new service version or review and adjust the rule w/o code change (if new version is still acceptable for the consumer but its rule was not previously formulated to accept such version value change).

- Michael

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