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Subject: Groups - MTOSI_ServiceDescriptionMetaModel.doc (07-03-00017.000.doc) uploaded

The document named MTOSI_ServiceDescriptionMetaModel.doc
(07-03-00017.000.doc) has been submitted by Mr. Danny Thornton* to the
SOA-RM Reference Architecture Subcommittee document repository.

Document Description:
I am contributing this Service Description document to the OASIS SOA RA SC
on behalf of  Francesco Caruso from Telcordia Technologies.  The Service
Description is based on the OASIS SOA Reference Model.  Please read
Francesco's message below for more information.


Please find attached a Telcordia proposal for the mTOP/MTOSI Service
Description meta-model.
I also updated the methodology WIKI page and related micro plan

Within mTOP SOA framework, the Service Description, often referred to as
the Service Contract or NGOSS system contract, is pivotal, as it formally
specifies the service obligations to its consumers and its provider. This
document addresses the Service Description meta-model to be used in the
design and documentation of mTOP/MTOSI services within the MDA mTOP
methodology to capture the essential information needed to generate the
mTOP artifacts such as documentation (DDPs), XSDs and WSDLs.

In the mTOP methodology team there are several ongoing activities related
to the mTOP MDA approach dependent on the SD meta-model.
    CR 106  mTOP meta-model 
    CR 157 - mTOP feature driven MDA proof of concept
    MDA approach to XSDs, WSDL and Documentation from UML with

Next Proposed Steps:
- Validate SD meta-model across the mTOP DDPs
- Relate SD meta-model to TMForum NGOSS System Contract meta-model
- Expose SD meta-model to OASIS
- MDA proof of concept: from SD to Documentation and WSDL/XSDs
- Define mTOP Standard Operating Environment (tool chain and methodology)
to support MDA

We can have a status update on the mTOP MDA activities on the methodology
call on Monday  Please feel free to submit any comments and suggestion

Francesco Caruso
TMForum Chief mTOP Methodology Architect
Senior Research Scientist, Telcordia Technologies

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-OASIS Open Administration

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