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Subject: Re: [soa-rm-ra] Interacting w/Services Model Updated (a start onEDA & event-driven SOA)

Title: Re: [soa-rm-ra] Interacting w/Services Model Updated (a start on EDA & event-driven SOA)
This was actually my action item and I am still working on it.

Current thinking:

Events – occurences of types and interest which can be trapped by an event manager

Event Messages – messages which can be dispatched and caught as a result of an event

A service be divided into several sub components.  Services have an invocation mechanism and a core service container which manages the service invocation during the lifecycle of the service request until either a successful conclusion or fault.  The service container must be the core decision point for service invocation and also generate signals that can be used by other parts of the service platform (examples: signals to make audit trail entries, generating and dispatching fault messages).  While monitoring the state of the service invocation, the service container must also note exceptions, timeouts etc and take action accordingly.

The service invocation layer is where event messages would be trapped.  I see the event invocation layer as an abstract package of things that can invoke services.  An incoming SOAP message would process the soap message, then notify the service invocation mechanism to invoke the service and pass it the required details.  An event message could be caught by the same layer and can pass the necessary details to the service container.


On 3/16/07 3:37 PM, "Jeffrey A. Estefan" <jeffrey.a.estefan@jpl.nasa.gov> wrote:

SOA-RA SC Colleagues,
I've updated the Interacting with Services Model on TheArchitecture Wiki to start a discussion surrounding events and RWE and a brief discussion of EDA related to SOA.
While we addressed the notion of how events "report" RWE, we have not discussed/modeled how events "trigger" the invocation of services.  One alternative would be to show a navigable association labeled "triggers" between Event and Action in the top-level UML diagram (in addition to the existing navigable association labeled "reports" between Event and RWE).  This is a question for the SC and for Frank in particular.
 - Jeff E.

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