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Subject: May not be able to attend the next two meetings

I'll be on summer vacation for the next two weeks and
I may or may not be able to attend the next two
meetings.  I will be able to access my e-mail every
three or four days and I should have some time to work
off issues.  

If someone else would like to create an MP3 of the
meeting and you don't already have a way to record
phone calls to mp3, the following is one way you may
be able to do it:

1) If you have a modem in your computer, check to see
if it is both voice and data.

2) If you have an analog phone line (as opposed to a
digital phone line) and a voice modem, you can
download recording software for your modem.  There are
many applications to do this, I use the freeware
Record On Phone:


3) If you need to convert audio formats (from .wav to
.mp3 for example) or reduce the size of the audio
file, iTunes works great.  iTunes is a free download.


In iTunes, see menu options
Edit->Preferences->Advanced Tab->Importing Tab->Import
Using.  I convert audio using the MP3 Encoder, 24kbps
(mono).  You can then use File->Import and browse for
the recording to convert it.  If you do this on
Windows XP and have not changed default iTunes
settings, the converted file will be in the folder "My
Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Unknown Artist/Unknown


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