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Subject: Governance Ecosystem diagram 4

This try is an attempt to make the representation more abstract.  It's 
starting to make sense to me and I hope others. 

A couple of points:
Even the smallest enterprises have to deal with ownership boundaries.  
For example, Joe's corner sub shop has to create and pay his taxes or 
the IRS or its equivalent will enforce their rules if Joe cheats.  Joe 
also has the responsibility to serve clean food to his customers or the 
proper food inspection authority will shut him down or worse.

I believe that the depicted models and policies are necessary whether 
they are implicit or formal.  Joe might not have any written policies on 
how to make and serve clean subs but he will have developed a set of 
implicit "things that he does" to ensure clean subs and he will fire 
that part-time employee if he doesn't do the right thing.  The larger 
the enterprise the more formal things become.

Looking forward to your feedback.


Don Flinn
Mansurus LLC
e-mail: flinn@alum.mit.edu
Tel: 781-856-7230

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