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Subject: Re: [soa-rm] [soa-rm-ra] Call for comments on Version 0.2 (Second time lucky?)

Don and Frank,

I started making a pass through Section 4 of the Reference Architecture 
working draft 0.2 and I realized it's still kind of a mess so I gave up.  I 
saw a lot of draft text, particularly Section 4.2, therefore, I'll wait 
until others have had their say and updates made, then I'll put my two cents 
forth.  It seems the focus of discussion on the SC call these days has been 
on the subject of Governance so once the dust settles, we can return to the 
topic of Realizing a SOA View.

In the meantime, I've attached an issues list that addresses some editorial 
comments (very minor ones but important for readability of the document) 
that target the earlier sections with the caveat that I did not focus much 
attention on the language of Section 2 - Requirements.  This is something I 
think we'll want to return to when we're closer to wrapping up Section 5.


 - Jeff E. 


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